A space called family

“9.15, In front of the Library” – this message was all it needed from my end, to get them all assembled on time, and get the business running. 

These meetings were sometimes triggered by a message on Your Lawyer Friend page, a call, or even a thought from one of us. The idea that we had when we started this was that we shouldn’t have a Jishnu repeated, but never did I think that we could do so much in two years. 

Thanks to Manu chettan, Surya chechi Legith ettan and Citizens for Constitutional Governance-CCG for being the backbone. For all the time and effort you all put in, with absolutely no profit motive. 

2 years, and we did answer innumerable queries, almost on a daily basis. With the help of lawyers who offered to work pro bono, we even have been able to bring justice to some who couldn’t afford it then. We could have some landmark decisions in our favour, like the one in Keralavarma case that fortified the fight for gender equality in college hostels. 

And we worked our best to make sure that no student is made to suffer due to hir ignorance of law. Only thing I regret now is the delay in getting back to some messages or queries, which never were intentional. 

I’m stepping down from the leadership role today, and Sreenath will be there in my stead.

This part of my NUALS life, this little part, this beautiful bunch, was called happiness. It will be missed. The people, the moments, those whom we were able to help, and everything about it.

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