Avalabetta Ride

After some days of tormented existence and troubled sleep-cycles; I had realized that it was time to let it go. That I was not guilty, and it didn’t deserve any of my time. I was lying down on my bed next to the readings for Arun’s class, in a state of new-found comfort, listening to Don Williams when Ubru texted me.

“Let’s go roam around”, – she said. After a moment of hesitance triggered by the thought of infamous Bangalore traffic, I took my keys and left. Thanks to Sreenath’s Jacket; I wasn’t concerned about rain.

We were both hungry, and she suggested ‘Salt Mango Tree’ a supposedly famous Kerala food restaurant. (When it comes to food, my knowledge is limited, so I go by her word). After a pocket-draining; tongue-burning dinner – (I should have realised that I wasn’t Malabari enough when the waiter said the dish wasn’t too spicy for a Malabari )– we headed back home.

It’s off tomorrow; let’s go somewhere? I asked.
I’m in, she said.

Google gave its usual answers to the frequently searched term of “things to do in Bangalore” and “Weekend getaways in Bangalore”. The images weren’t catchy enough for a Keralite who loved green mountains. Had been to Nandi hills twice, and didn’t want to go again.

I dialed the only authentic bangalorite in my class – an environmentalist who hated humans, and she suggested this place Avalabetta.

Set alarms, had a nap. Woke up at 4 and headed out soon.

Bangalore mornings are beautiful before the winter befalls. However, the roads were not clear even that early in the morning – the trademark traffic was still dense. We were joined on the road by many bikers who were riding with National Flags, celebrating Independence Day. As we left the city behind, greenery started greeting us.

Somewhere along NH 44

But that was just a sample for the experience that was to follow.

After a point, the lady of Google Maps who was directing me asked to take a left, leading us to a beautiful road that took us through scenic landscapes and villages that were waking up to an independence day. School going girls with hair tied with tricolor ribbons waved us.

We did not stop though there were places that asked us to, because we didn’t want the wind to get warmer when we were climbing the hill. Bookmarked those places in mind, to pause and enjoy on the way back.

The destination was the peak that can been seen in the end.

We had to park the bike below the hill and walk atop. I was happy to climb, and Ubru had no other choice. We walked.

Ubru & Me, climbing up.

Reaching the hilltop, we were welcomed by monkeys who happily posed for me.

In the hilltop there is a temple but we both weren’t curious about it as neither of had faith in God, and it did not please us aesthetically either. We clicked pictures of each other.

Climbing down, we met these kids who were placing turmeric and sindur on the steps to temple.

Few more pictures from the trip.

Above the ones who are above all..
Independence Day? Wut?
The contrast.

Its true. Wheels heal you. New wind, new places, and strange people heal you.

Pause, laugh, and walk past the past.

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