An Ubuntu nostalgia

This image evokes nostalgia.
Ubuntu 8.10 ‘Intrepid Ibex’ was the first @ubuntu_os distribution I used. It came with my desktop computer, and at that time the devices in our computer lab were running a customized version of the GNU OS, called IT@School GNU/Linux. (Since 2006 I guess, Kerala has the policy of promoting Open Source technologies and our IT course was designed with open source platforms)

Ubuntu was a new experience. It started with a login sound featuring a drum playing a music reminiscent of depiction of Africa in movies, and had stunning visual effects for that time – I still vividly remember the Wobbly Windows effect – used to drag windows just to experience it!! What you see above,  was the default wallpaper. It featured an abstract drawing of an ibex – it almost looks like coffee stains, and didn’t know that they actually intended an ibex, until I read about it. 😛

11 years up the lane, Ubuntu has just released 19.10 version. It features Gnome DE and the nostalgic login sound is gone. I don’t use it anymore, have migrated to another distro. But I will always be thankful to Ubuntu and canonical, for the service it did to linux and the open source movement.

For those who share the same nostalgia :

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