The amazing souls at ICH Waidhan.

After completing a week in Waidhan, the town had almost become a nightmare for my tastebuds that are used to coconut oil and the south indian way of cooking. I was forced to have aloo parathas albeit hesitantly, notwithstanding my body’s troubled relationship with gluten.

That was when I had a glance over the ICH logo, while moving in an auto, to get an appointment fixed with the DM of the district. I had made my mind then itself to visit and try my luck at offering some comfort to my tongue. While returning after the assignments at the DM’s office, I suggested Shreya that we could take a walk and try ICH on the way back. She happily agreed and we visited ICH together.

For the Mallu in me, ICH is not just about food. It’s also about AKG. I was pouring the wisdom about the inception of ICH to poor Shreya with all my excitement when Hari, the waiter noticed me and asked the quintessential mallu question : “Malayali aano?”.

Ever since that moment, Hari and his colleagues – mostly malayalees have been family, and the ICH has been home. The food they cook is heavenly, and warmth with which they serve it is inexplicable.

The night before I left the city, they gave me a grand farewell. Delicious Kerala food was cooked and we all had it together, after which we took this picture :

Thank you, for making me feel home.

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