The amazing souls at ICH Waidhan.

After completing a week in Waidhan, the town had almost become a nightmare for my tastebuds that are used to coconut oil and the south indian way of cooking. I was forced to have aloo parathas albeit hesitantly, notwithstanding my body's troubled relationship with gluten. That was when I had a glance over the ICH …

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An Ubuntu nostalgia

This image evokes nostalgia. Ubuntu 8.10 ‘Intrepid Ibex’ was the first @ubuntu_os distribution I used. It came with my desktop computer, and at that time the devices in our computer lab were running a customized version of the GNU OS, called IT@School GNU/Linux. (Since 2006 I guess, Kerala has the policy of promoting Open Source …

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Justice, me and a bike ride.

If I am asked what defines me, I'd say curiosity. The curiosity of a five years-old that drives him to open an abandoned box he found on the street. I think I never grew up - I still trust strangers, I listen to their stories, and I yearn to wander. I make immature decisions, and I'm impulsive.

A space called family

This part of my NUALS life, this little part, this beautiful bunch, was called happiness. It will be missed. The people, the moments, those whom we were able to help, and everything about it.

About the Plus Two fiasco

This story begins in 2012, when yours truly was a kid busy ruining his eleventh grade. Prior to that, he used to be pretty good in academics, used to participate in co-curricular activities, and had the image of a good kid. The kind of kid whom your parents (If you had an average - middle-class …

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